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DJing during Covid: Hopeful songs for trying times

I know this pandemic has been tough on us. We’re in the same storm but not the same boat. Parents and children are stuck at home. Older people living in nursing homes wait for hugs from their loved ones. We can and will get through this together while staying apart for a while. Music will help get us through.

What have I been doing during Covid as a DJ? I’m certainly open for business, doing what I do best. I’ve been DJing for virtual dance parties, spinning tunes at outdoor social distancing events and creating custom-made Spotify playlists for clients.

In order to help boost spirits, I’ve been posting my Spotify playlists. For those of you who don’t already know, Spotify is a music streaming service with access to millions of songs. I have my own Spotify ‘music channel’ with a growing collection of playlists.


The Covid-19 Uplifting & Hopeful Quarantine Playlist features a diverse collection of lesser-known songs that I think you’ll love. Songs having positive, motivational lyrics can help reduce anxiety and stress. Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child” kicks off the playlist and will instantly uplift your spirits and temporarily take you to a happier place. I also sprinkled in familiar and cheery tunes like “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles. I LOVE The Beatles! There’s rock, reggae, electronic, singer/songwriter and a dash of world music. Need to de-stress? I included a song called “De-Stress” by Rebelution. Give it a listen.

I make personalized Spotify playlists for individuals and organizations. I have made playlists for patients recovering in the hospital and those coping with long-term illnesses. Charitable organizations have counted on me to create playlists that they can share with their donors during virtual fundraisers.

Uplifting people’s spirits with carefully selected songs is what Kris Koch Music, as well as my book, Powerful Playlists, is all about.

Check back here on my Powerful Playlists news blog for more samples of my work. Don’t hesitate to call me at 330-416-7399 if you have an event coming up.