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Virtual dance party fun for elementary schools

Lots of elementary schools have discovered a fun, safe and very entertaining social activity that I currently provide during the pandemic: 60-minute virtual dance parties! These appeal especially for Kindergarteners up to 6th grade.

Bored, homebound students join together from the safety of their homes using Zoom or Google Meet. They show off their dance moves to fellow classmates, while having a blast. As a bonus, all get their daily exercise. During the dance party, my computer screen is filled with squares containing smiling faces. It looks like the introduction to the 70s hit sitcom Brady Bunch where each family appears in a square. Here’s how it works. The participating school (often their PTA) sets up, invites students and hosts the event using their preferred virtual meeting platform. A PTA volunteer, school administrator or even the principal takes care of allowing participants to enter the event, highlighting particular students, and mutes everyone but the DJ so talking does not clash with the music or DJ announcements. As the DJ, I appear as a guest. I keep the students engaged with dance contests, do as I do songs, freeze dance, crazy dance and more. Some schools offer gift cards as prize incentives.

I’ve DJ’ed for virtual dances having attendees starting around 25 students up to 100 or more participants. Virtual dances for students with special needs, we usually keep the size small. So about 25-30 people. I’ve entertained students from local schools within the Cleveland area as well as those as far as California. Location does not matter.

Would you like Kris Koch Music to DJ for your next virtual dance party or in person, socially distanced event? Please email me at to brainstorm options and to reserve your date. Visit