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Hopeful Music in our Hospitals

As a DJ, I’ve had an important job to do during the pandemic. My fun, hopeful, and uplifting DJ sets have helped lower people’s stress levels by giving them an audio escape to a happier place. Let me tell you about my DJ experiences at University Hospitals in Cleveland.

For about 30 years, I’ve been DJ’ing at University Hospitals celebrations. Entertaining people during the pandemic has been especially important and challenging. As a DJ for a weeklong celebration during Hispanic Heritage Month, I livened up lunchtime with a festive DJ set featuring salsa, merengue and mambo on vinyl records. During Black History Month, I provided Sixties jazz, Motown, soul, funk and gospel. In both instances, people passing by couldn’t stop themselves from dancing a bit. Parents helped children from their strollers and allowed them to wiggle and dance, too. I saw a few heads bob up and down as hospital visitors and staff ate their lunch nearby.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told me that my carefully picked music selections have brightened up their day. I’ve witness thousands of smiles and looks of joy at dance parties for young patients at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and a chef cook-off contest at University Hospitals, just to name a few of the events I’ve played for over the years. The most powerful moments have been when I’ve watched young patients suddenly light up because I’ve played their favorite Disney song!

If you would like Kris Koch Music to DJ in the daytime at your company, organization or hospital, please get in touch. I can DJ in your cafeteria, common area, outside or wherever you choose. Please email me a to learn about how I can bring you musical happiness. Visit