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Want to help your child appreciate other cultures? Play international music for them!

As a DJ, I often pop on a handful of international songs at children’s events. During an “Around The World” summer camp dance for elementary school children, I played a song from Ghana for the limbo, a Brazilian tune during a freeze dance, a Bollywood song for a dance contest, plus a lot of other tunes. Many of the kids were probably hearing these songs for the very first time, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Several children proudly said they speak Spanish, Greek, French, Farsi or German. Not one student ever complained about the music I was playing. Successful events like these make my DJ career worthwhile.

Hearing songs in another language can engage a diverse audience. Take your family on a trip around the planet without leaving your couch. Kris Koch Music can help you visit the streets of Paris, tropical islands or an African safari. Listening to music from other places while learning about people and their customs is a great way to help your child grow to appreciate other cultures. I invite you to enjoy my Global Music Dance Party playlist on Spotify. I personally hand-picked some favorites to share with you. In addition, Putumayo World Music makes sensational world mixes – on CD or Spotify – that will launch your journey. Songs from the “World Playground” series, intended for children, is fun for listeners of all ages. I recommend buying their CD’s which contain lyrics, stories about the songs and a vibrant album cover painting by artist Nicola Heindl.

If you would like Kris Koch Music to DJ for an “Around The World” themed event at your school or organization’s cultural awareness/diversity/international day, please email me at to check on date availability and to brainstorm options. Visit